Spotting reversals with high volume nodes (Crude)

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High volume nodes (also know as volume clusters) are the key to catching market reversals early. Not all reversals are identified by high volume nodes but a high percentage of them are. If you aren’t currently looking at high volume node in trading, then you really should start. The interesting thing about high volume nodes, […]

Optimize Trading Tactics To Make Them More Effective


At the end of this post is a recording of the webinar John Slazas presented on 14th November. Every trader has certain trading tactics they have acquired over the years that provide the basis of the method they use to trade the market. Although the applied approach may resonate and bring a high level of […]

Day Trading – Macro & Micro – Webinar Recordings


Over the past months; Kam Dhadwar at “The Trading Framework” and Peter Davies at “Jigsaw Trading” presented a series of webinars entitled “Day Trading – Macro to Micro” In webinar 1, we laid the foundations with “Understanding the Market without being right! “. Kam took a look at how to approach the markets passively and […]

Jigsaw daytradr Trading Platform Now Available


In this presentation, hosted on the forum we took a look at the Jigsaw Tools in a stand alone environment. A new trading platform that we are calling RapidTraderPro. This is the first public showing of the new tools. We’ll discuss what the tools do and also explain why we are doing things the way […]

Getting Started In Scalping/Ultra Short Term Trading


On 28th September, 2016, Jigsaw Trading presented a 1 hour webinar on scalping. Discussing a number of scalping setups on volatile and slow markets. Originally, scalping was a term used to define trading that captured the spread. Buying the bid and selling the offer. Over time the term has become more widely used and now […]

Pre-breakout & Pullback Trades


Here’s a trade video showing 2 trades on the eMini S&P500. This is after a short period of increased volatility and the first trade reflects adjusting to an expectation of higher volatility. Trade 1 – Pre Breakout Trade – trying to get into the market before it breaks down on the expectation of a decent […]

Choppy Market Trade – Using High Volume Nodes


Here’s a trade video that shows a play off a high volume node that developed in a low volume, high liquidity, choppy market. Look out for this sort of action as we move into the summer time.

Trading the Nikkei 225 – Trading US Evenings!


This video takes a look at the eMini Nikkei 225 trading on Osaka Securities Exchange. One of the things that makes this an interesting market is that there’s a lot of US traders that have full time day jobs and want to trade after work. There’s not really much available for them as the US […]

20/20 Market Vision – Staying on the right side of the market


On 1st April, 2016 we be presented a webinar entitled “20/20 Market Vision – Staying on the right side of the market“. The webinar was hosted on the TopstepTrader Squawk Radio Show. In this webinar, we took a look at how to stay on the right side of the market using the Jigsaw Order Flow Analysis Tools, including the […]

Jigsaw Q&A Session 1 – March 23rd, 2016


Hi In this first Q&A session, we look at the question that came in the most “just tell me where to get in and get out”. In addition, we also look at: If you entered a trade and it goes in your direction, do you use any (strong) liquidity levels building up behind you in […]