Summertime Trading Opportunities – why and how.

summertime trading

Summertime trading time again! For many newer traders, that means huge losses as they try to trade the same system in different market conditions. There’s no doubt that traders need to change their approach for these markets – and there are many benefits to taking a shorter term approach to your trades. There’s a popular misconception […]

Using Order Flow for Trading Success

Trading Success

Peter Davies of Jigsaw Trading was recently interviewed by Les Meehan at Right Mind Trader in an interview entitled “Using order flow for trading success”. The interview focuses very much on the mental aspect of the game rather than trade entry techniques. This gives some key insights into aspects of learning to trade that are […]

Sharks vs Sharks: Banks, funds, market makers, prop trading

prop trading

Interested in prop trading and other institutional trading? On Tuesday, July 18th, 2017 at 4:30pm EDT. John Grady of NO BS DayTrading will be presenting a webinar entitled “Sharks vs Sharks – Facts & Myths w/John Grady ” to the community. Click Here to join the event. John will be discussing some of the […]

Professional Trader Alex Haywood Diving into Order Flow – Thursday, 4:30PM EST

Alex Haywood

This Friday at 4:30PM EST, Jigsaw Trading will be sponsoring a webinar on the forum. The webinar is titled “Determining  your optimum order flow environment for high performance trading” and will be presented by Alex Haywood from Axia Futures.  Click here to register for the webinar. Alex Haywood is the co-founder of Axia Futures […]

Adrienne Toghraie – Evolution of a Master Trader (Webinar Recording)


In this webinar Adrienne from Trading on Target discussed each trader category & what is necessary to face the challenges towards becoming a Master Trader. You will learn the five levels of achievement towards attaining Trading Master and what it takes to get there. From the Into-Wishing Trader to the Master Trader there are challenges to […]

Market Dynamics – Trade Location in all the Right Places

Trade Location

This Tuesday, April 11th at 4:30pm EDT, Peter Davies of Jigsaw Trading will be presenting a webinar entitled “Market Dynamics – Trade Location in All the Right Places”. The webinar is hosted at the forum. Click Here to register for the webinar. In this free webinar, Peter Davies discusses how traders are often given […]

Webinar: Keys To Successfully Trading The Open – March 9th 4:30pm EST

Trading the open

On Thursday, March 9th at 4:30pm EST, will sponsor Peter Davies of Jigsaw Trading as he presents a webinar entitled “Keys to Successfully Trading the Open”. Click Here to register for the webinar. In this free webinar, Peter Davies reveals strategies for trading in the first few minutes following a markets open. It’s become […]

‘One Tick’ Trading Drills


In a previous post, we took a look at trading drills to accelerate your progress as a trader. In the earlier article, we looked at the “Cut and Reverse” Drill. In this video below we look at how to take your trading progress through another quantum leap with the “1 tick trade” drill. These trading drills […]

Análise de Fluxo de Ordens com Jigsaw Auction Vista Heatmap


A equipe da academia Day Trader Pro, pioneira na divulgaçao de moderna analise de fluxo de ordens no Brasil, preparou uma aula especial dando uma visao geral das principais funcionalidades e da utilizaçao da ferramenta Jigsaw Auction Vista Heatmap. Academia