Jigsaw Trading wins awards at “futures.io” and “Trader Planet”

In a great start to the New Year, Jigsaw Trading has won awards at 2 industry leading Trading sites. On the Futures.io “True Edge Awards” Jigsaw came first in the “Trading Product of the Year” category. Over at Trader Planet’s “Star Awards“, we came first in the “Trading Software: Forex/Futures” category. Peter Davies, CEO of […]

Jigsaw Tools 5.3 Beta with “Auction Vista”

I’m happy to announce the release of Jigsaw 5.3 with “Auction Vista” Historical Order Flow Heatmap. This additional functionality is available completely free of charge to existing customers. As usual, the software can be downloaded from the product downloads page on our members site: https://members.jigsawtrading.com Note that all support for this version while it’s still […]

All Bets Are Off!

We got hit with some major volatility yesterday with a 19.5 point move up in 2 minutes (but only 53k contracts traded) and then a 1 minute 16 point drop, again with just 26k contracts traded. Big swings with relatively low volume means that the liquidity disappeared. Just after that, a fellow trader sent me […]

Licensing Update – 15th October

All This is the final update on the licensing issues for this week. Some customers reported a connection issue (with second connections) on We received a second update from the licensing company and tested on all platforms but paying particular attention to making additional connections once the platforms are open. So this is the final […]

Eurex Order Flow – IQFeed vs S5 Trader (OEC Trader)

I got a message from Danny yesterday that IQFeed was printing trades on the wrong side. Of course, I didn’t believe him but then I asked if it was Eurex specific ’cause things are different over there. He then showed me it happening there. OK – so NOW I’m a believer… So I decided to […]

Jigsaw Tools for S5 Trader/OEC Trader (Open eCry)

Hi all Today we are releasing the beta version of the Jigsaw Tools for the S5 Trader/OEC Trader platform. We envisage a short beta for this as it’s not really implementing new functionality, just a new platform. All customers will find a link to download this version of the software on their members page. Here […]

Jigsaw Tools Version 4.1

We are about to release version 4.1 of the Jigsaw Tools. The new features we are adding are: Depth & Sales –           Synched inside depth & current trades to refresh @ the same interval –           Added NO BS color scheme –           Changed default position of trade window – multi screens –           Made SIM version always […]

New Web Site

Hi All   Welcome to the new Jigsaw Trading Web Site.   A big Thank You to Andrew Apanov at Dotted Music  who came up with the new design based on my very vague description of “make it look nice”   Fantastic service Andrew!   Cheers   Pete