Spotting reversals with high volume nodes (Crude)

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High volume nodes (also know as volume clusters) are the key to catching market reversals early. Not all reversals are identified by high volume nodes but a high percentage of them are. If you aren’t currently looking at high volume node in trading, then you really should start. The interesting thing about high volume nodes, […]

‘One Tick’ Trading Drills


In a previous post, we took a look at trading drills to accelerate your progress as a trader. In the earlier article, we looked at the “Cut and Reverse” Drill. In this video below we look at how to take your trading progress through another quantum leap with the “1 tick trade” drill. These trading drills […]

Cut and Reverse Drill (Crude – with video)


The Cut and Reverse drill is used in proprietary trading firms as part of their training program for new traders. It has one purpose and one purpose only – to make better traders. It’s something anybody can do and you can start right after reading this article. Regardless of how you trade or what you […]

Day Trading – Macro & Micro – Webinar Recordings


Over the past months; Kam Dhadwar at “The Trading Framework” and Peter Davies at “Jigsaw Trading” presented a series of webinars entitled “Day Trading – Macro to Micro” In webinar 1, we laid the foundations with “Understanding the Market without being right! “. Kam took a look at how to approach the markets passively and […]

Getting Started In Scalping/Ultra Short Term Trading


On 28th September, 2016, Jigsaw Trading presented a 1 hour webinar on scalping. Discussing a number of scalping setups on volatile and slow markets. Originally, scalping was a term used to define trading that captured the spread. Buying the bid and selling the offer. Over time the term has become more widely used and now […]

Alert Settings for Jigsaw Tools


All I get asked many times what the best settings are for the various alerts in the Jigsaw Tools. Here’s the best way to set them: Summary Tape Divergence –  Take the average depth & multiply by 2. So if the depth on average is 400 per level, use 800. Iceberg – This alert is mostly […]

20/20 Market Vision – Staying on the right side of the market


On 1st April, 2016 we be presented a webinar entitled “20/20 Market Vision – Staying on the right side of the market“. The webinar was hosted on the TopstepTrader Squawk Radio Show. In this webinar, we took a look at how to stay on the right side of the market using the Jigsaw Order Flow Analysis Tools, including the […]

Auction Vista and Crude Oil Futures


In this video, I’m going to take a look at using the Jigsaw tools on thinner markets like Crude Oil, Gold and DAX futures. As many of you know, I personally prefer to trade more liquid markets like the index futures, but the same concepts apply in all markets. What tends to happen in thinner […]

Order Flow on a Thinner ES – Review of a Reversal


This video was sent to me by a customer that is new to the tools. It shows some of the action from the 25th September. At this point the eMini S&P500 Futures has been extremely thin and volatile and that does somewhat change the way you read the order flow. Primarily, you are looking for […]