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With methods and tools in place, new traders often find it intimidating when the time comes to place a trade. Reading about trading or watching educational/trade videos is one thing. Actually executing trades based on what you learnt is another thing entirely.

The Jigsaw Community is where traders help traders. Our customers have their own YouTube pages, contribute to our Blog and create threads on Forums explaining their methods. Peter at Jigsaw regularly contributes content – webinars, trade videos as well as his daily market analysis.

At Jigsaw we contribute our own content and trade recordings to the site and to our partner sites. Our partners are all well respected in the trading industry and we regularly hold free training webinars together. Jigsaw partners are all well respected in the trading industry and we regularly hold free training webinars together. At jigsaw, we want to see our customers succeed, we feel the personal touch is the best way help. All customers are invited to join our active, free Skype group and to contact us personally.

Jigsaw Chat Room

Formerly the Jigsaw Skype Group, this is the most active community resource. This is a free, unmoderated chat room. No-one is ‘in charge’ of this room. It is a meeting place for customers to meet other customers, speak openly, exchange ideas and cut through the monotony of waiting for trades in slow markets. Peter at Jigsaw is an active member of this room but is not in charge. He’s just a member like anyone else. There is no moderator in this room because everyone is polite and friendly there. Let’s keep it that way.

Here’s an example of a recent discussion we had with a 6E trader in the Skype  Room- Live Volume Profile Analysis

Anyone can contact us on Skype but this room is for customers only. Not because we have any secrets but because we want to keep this area for people using similar techniques across a range of markets. To access the room, click here: Jigsaw Chat or click the “Chat” icon on any of the Jigsaw product windows.

Each customer has login credentials to this room. This is the same username and password you used when signing up to our “” pages when you purchased the product. When clicking the chat window, a logon screen will appear.

Enter your username & password to gain access to the chat. For help on specific features of the chat room, click here: Jigsaw Chat Help

This chat works on PC, Mac and mobile devices.

Note that your id will be displayed in the room. If you want to change your id, then drop us an email with your current id and the one you’d like to change to.

YouTube Pages

We encourage all customers to record their trades. Reviewing your trades is a great way to learn as well as a great way to iron out bad habits. Some people go a step further and make recordings of their trades and upload them to YouTube, along with their explanation of why they took the trade.  This process of explaining the trades has proven very valuable to the people making the recordings. It helps them to cement the ideas in their own minds as well as creating useful resources for other traders.

Here’s a list of the customer YouTube pages that I currently know of in Alphabetical order.

Akira – a Manga fan, obviously – A mixture of XTrader and Jigsaw Trading videos:

Alex – Trading ES –

Asia On The Bids page – mostly Eurex/US but some Asian instruments –

Blue Collar Trader – Trading educator that uses Jigsaw Tools –

Cande – Trading with Traders (Spanish) –

Evolution – – ES Trader using MACKs PAT and Jigsaw. Started Feb 2014

FXAlgo – – thinner markets – this one is worth it just for the music!

FuturesTrader 71 – a friend and user of the Jigsaw Tools, FT71 does a daily “trader bite” pre market prep as well as lots of educational videos on trading.  A must see:

Graham Glover – – Action in the Bund.

Jigsaw Trading –

Joe – a newer customer that is now incorporating Order Flow into his Crude Futures trading –  – He’s picking it up very quickly but then he is quite experience trading already.

John Grady at No BS Day Trading –

Low Risk Trader –

Peter – A lot of videos from here – – but where is he now?

Price Action Order Flow – – a lot of effort has gone into the videos on this page and commentary that goes with them. An amazing resource. 

Ron – – We like to give Ron a hard time int he Skype group about his use of color

Vaidas – FESX/US Treasuries –

Vitaly  Vitaly and I have been chatting a lot on Skype of late and it’s great to see he’s turning the corner in his trading now.

Welly192 – A more “Tape Oriented” trader ‘Welly’ also explains his methods of analysis here. Welly is doing very well with his trading now and is taking the time to show others how he does it.

My apologies if I missed someone – if you’d like to be added to this page, then please get in touch.

Español & Français

Most of our customer pages are in English. Many, many thanks to Dom and Cande for the following YouTube pages – Español & Français.

Dom -Français – Tutorial and Trade Videos –

Cande – Español – Tutorial and Trade Videos –

Jigsaw Discussion Forum

The Jigsaw Forum is not as widely used as the Skype group but it is available to customers and non-customers alike. Any topics can be discussed on the forum. It seems to be the place that people gravitate towards to request new features and potential bugs. There is also our “Platform Performance Center” there, where we discuss common performance issues and how to resolve them.

Jigsaw Users That Got Funded With TopstepTrader

A number of Jigsaw users have gotten accounts funded with TopstepTrader.  When that happens, they go through a “newest funded trader interview”. We’ll be posting those interviews here. Note that because these traders do go on to trade live accounts, they like to stay anonymous and so Topstep encourage the use of psuedonyms.

Sep 5th, 2013 – ProfileTrader 7 23:50 onwards – a discussion on how he incorporates order flow. This video is truly inspirational! In fact, if this doesn’t bring  a tear to your eye, you may actually have no heart 😉

July 2nd, 2013 – Raa – who discusses his use of order flow and Jigsaw Tools here: Order Flow on Thinner Markets and here Trading Fast Markets

Jigsaw Blog

Content for the Jigsaw blog comes from customers,partners and Jigsaw ourselves. We have regular webinars, trade videos, educational articles posted up on a regular basis. We encourage customers to send us content to us for the Blog so that it isn’t limited just to trading from a Jigsaw perspective. Click the “Blog” link at the top of this page for more info.

TopstepTrader Blog

Peter contributes his daily pre-market analysis to the TopstepTrader blog. This contains details on what the likely scenarios are for the coming day on the S&P eMini 500 Futures contract. You can check out the pre-market analysis blog here.

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