Other Educators – Depth of Market, Orderflow and Heatmap

These unique training programs haven’t been vetted by use. That’s purely down to time constraints on our part. They are people that we have spoken with and they do have an Order Flow component to their trading and they do use the Jigsaw tools.

Name Website or Links Description Language
Gonzalo Rivero, Trading En Profundidad Blog           YouTube Trading En Profundidad: El trading es un gran juego mundial de póker y hasta que no ves el juego llevarse a cabo desde la plataforma de Profundidad de Mercado estarás preso en la caverna de Platón, mirando sombras pasar delante tuyo, las sombras que proyectan los Pros para que creas que el mundo del trading es lo que ellos quieren que creas. El motivo de hacer este blog es publicar los resultados de mi día de trading y así sentirme.  observado, lo que pienso me ayudará a tener mas disciplina y tomar solo los mejores trades.   Spanish
Jason Perkins,           The Blue Collar Trader thebluecollartrader.com My name is Jason Perkins and I have been day trading the futures market since 2008. I didn’t like holding trades overnight and it seemed like too much work to find a stock to trade using options. I had learned about intra-day trading through a software platform. After reviewing the software, I fell in love with the fact that you could place your order right on the chart. I continue to day trade the e-mini futures markets and have come to realize that the only real edge is understanding order flow and tape reading at key levels in the market using market profile, volume profile and some basic technical analysis skills. I have grown year after year and continue to develop my skills as a trader, “trading to live one trade at a time.”   English
Thierry Legaufre,     The Trading Market Profile trading-marketprofile.com Objective of the training DOM is to learn to trade the booklet without anticipation with Chartism nor with technical indicators.  You will learn how to reduce your exposure in the market and therefore your risk.  It is important to measure the market conditions and volatility through the order book. Identify the big players that impact the market and the key times of the day. Put into practice on the simulator market, trading strategies of the order book. You will want to achieve speculation on financial makets with the best risk / return. Define your risk profile and your money management partner     French
Arthur Scalpersky,   Money is made by the foresight of what will happen. scalpersky.com A set of unique courses, one of his students who passed the VIP-training said: “All the stuff I learned turned out to be useful and meaningful. Before training with Arthur, I went through a huge number of different courses, trainings, master classes, through the entire Internet. My trade at that time was with mixed success.  That’s where I went to Arthur. His teaching method is easy, consistent and positive !!! His experience and knowledge is really the key knowledge that I needed! My performance in the trade immediately went up the hill! After completing the course, all students of Arthur, chat, and receive support from Arthur, on any matter that in the initial stage, it is very important for beginners, until you have experience in trading !!!   Russian
Esteban Echevarria, Learning to trade well requires hard work and never giving up. mvdtrading.com  At MVD Trading, Esteban Echevarria from Montevideo, Uruguay lives for his passion – day trading. Esteban has been a full-time trader since 2012.  He graduated as a Cuisine Chef.  He loved good food, but hated his job.  In 2012, he started trading Futures, CFD’s and Forex.  Like many new traders, he learned difficult lessons due to testing robots, scam trading rooms, “holy grails”, useless indicators, and so-called mentors.  Esteban uses VSA, Tom William’s and Richard Wickoff’s techniques as shown on his YouTube channel.  He employs market profile and some footprint reading techniques to increase earnings.  In addition, he teaches traders to use meditation and relaxation, binaural isotonic frequencies, visualization, and music therapy to deal with emotions and to find a center – an inner peace.  Esteban’s Live Trading Room is an efficient way of teaching, because he’s always looking at the screens and talking to explain his trades.  He works with novice traders and full-time traders from many countries. English



Rafael Iasi,             Juliano Freitas, e Thiago Braida,              Academia Day Trader Pro




A equipe da Academia DAY TRADER PRO é pioneira na divulgação da Moderna Análise de Fluxo de Ordens no Brasil e possui um treinamento completo para quem quer se desenvolver como day trader autônomo. Possui uma metodologia própria que é baseada em 4 pilares essenciais, são eles : O conhecimento dos ativos e do mercado, moderna análise de fluxo de ordens (tela cega), psicologia & mindset e análise, planejamento e gerenciamento de performance. Acelere sua evolução como Day Trader, contando com um suporte especializado de traders de verdade, muitos exemplos operacionais, metodologia objetiva e aulas ao vivo durante o pregão. Portuguesa


Hassan Souilmi Trade4Profit We created Trade4Profit to help rookie traders get the most out of their maiden portfolios.  With offices in Paris, Brussels and London and plans for more, we mentor our students in a practical, helpful and productive way. When signing up with Trade4Profit, you will initially be taught basic theory while trading a dummy account to help and grasp the basic strategies that we employ. After this, we encourage live trading, all the while following our instructions and eventually aiming for you to move into more advanced trading and risk management.  Each student will have their own trading station and constant supervision as part of the training package – meaning that you will always have an individual training experience tailored to your own pace and level of expertise. English




Vic Shepherd  V-Zones Trading Method Developed by Vic Shepherd for his own personal use the V-zone trading method is a unique and Dynamic analysis approach that gives a precise trading map with precise trade locations giving you the skills to masterfully pick market turning point locations in any markets in any time frames while providing the best reward with low risk.  Combined with simple order flow the V-zone trading method is a robust and a more relaxed way of trading the markets.  English