Sierra Chart + Jigsaw + S5 Trader (OEC Trader)


Charting, Order Flow & Market Data from $27 per month!

At the end of 2014, Jigsaw Trading worked with Sierra Chart and Stage 5 Trading to complete a package that gives the Jigsaw Customers the Jigsaw Tools, Cumulative Delta and Swing Charts on a combined platform that you can get for as little as $27 per month.

Swing Charts with Cumulative Delta courtesy of Sierra Chart

Swing Charts with Cumulative Delta courtesy of Sierra Chart


So where does the $27 per month come from?

Data Fees – We are utilizing the S5 Trader platform which provides streaming real-time data directly to Sierra Chart. So your cost for data is just $5 per exchange (CME Fees) or $15 for all exchanges.

Platform Fees – The version of Sierra Chart that supports the S5 Trader platform data costs just $27 per month.

If you trade just one exchange, your total cost for charting and data really is just $32 per month. If you trade Eurex or ICE, there is no CME fee, so it’s just $27 per month.

To use this combination, you will need the S5 Trader platform (or other OEC Trader platform), which comes free with a participating brokerage account. You run your charts through the Sierra Chart platform and your Jigsaw tools through the S5 Trader platform.

If you’d like to give this combination a try, follow these instructions:

S5 Trader Instructions

  1. If you don’t have S5 Trader platform, register for your free Real Time trial of the S5 Trader platform enabled for jigsaw Tools and Sierra Chart. Click Here
  2. Follow the instructions you receive by email from S5 Trading to get the S5 Trader platform set up.
  3. If you already have the S5 Trader platform, use your live S5 Trader login credentials to access your S5 Trader Portal and enable Sierra Chart within your 3rd Party Software options.

Sierra Chart Instructions

  1. If you don’t have Sierra Chart software, get a trial by clicking here and creating an account. (Remember the Sierra Chart Account Name & Password you choose).
  2. Download the current version of the Sierra Chart software here and run it.
  3. Start the installed Sierra Chart platform and type in your Sierra Chart Account name and Password from step 2.
  4. In the Sierra Chart platform click on the “DTS” button at the top left.
    1. For Service select Open E Cry FIX/FAST [trading]
    2. for Server select
    3. Enter your S5 Trader Username, Password and Account Number
    4. Check “Connect on Program Startup“, “Reconnect on Failure” & “Allow Support for Sierra Chart Data Feeds
    5. Click OK
  5. Click the “CON” button at the top of the chart window to connect.

To get the Jigsaw Swing charts with cumulative delta. Save the file Jigsaw Swings Chartbook to your desktop. In Sierra chat go to File -> Open Chart Book navigate to the saved file and click Open. The chart book will open with the ESH5 contract displayed. Change this to the instrument of your choice.

Jigsaw Instructions

  1. The Jigsaw Tools will be opened from the S5 Trader platform. Instructions to do this are in the Jigsaw Product Manual.