Getting the most from Jigsaw Support.


Our extensive Frequently Asked Questions page, answers many of the most commonly posed questions both by new and veteran users of the Jigsaw Tools. If you can’t figure something out or something isn’t working the way you think it should be, then take a look at the FAQs as you may find the most immediate solution there.

Jigsaw Helpdesk

If the FAQs don’t help, then log a ticket with the Jigsaw Helpdesk. Just log on to your members page and log a new support ticket. You can upload attachments there and our support staff will also be emailed the moment a new ticket is created so they can get right on it.

Contact Support

If for some reason you cannot get onto your members page, then you can use this page to send an email to our support staff. This won’t be any faster or more efficient than using the help desk (and you can’t track progress on your members page), so please use this in those scenarios where you cannot access your account.