S5 Trader

Stage 5 Trading

Trading with direct market access tools built for stability and speed can make all the difference. The S5 Trader and the S5 Trade Analyzer are tools available to you for free, but are built by and for professionals!


Flexible Chart

Visualize the market like never before with FREE S5 Trader’s advanced features that let you execute and monitor your trading activity right from the chart. View the market your way with complete control over styles, indicators and unlimited custom alerts.


Advanced Depth of Market (DOM)

Created with a focus on accuracy and reliability, the S5 Trader’s DOM helps you keep your finger on the pulse of the market. Execute OCO, Bracket and Strategy orders, set price alerts and view volume at price, all in one customizable location. Enjoy the benefits of server-side OCO orders for added security.


Multiple Order Types

From simple Market Orders to complex Strategies, S5 Trader allows you to execute the way you want. You’ll have easy acess to OCO, Brackets, MIT, Iceberg, Stop Orders,Trailing Stops and more. Enter, exit, reverse and cancel with one click from the S5 Trader DOM.


Detailed Reporting

Stay on top of your trading with extensive reporting features. With S5 Trader it’s easy to view Orders, Fills, Positions, Statistics and more. Quickly filter by account number or dates and create PDF or Excel copies for your records right from the report.


Theoretical Average

Know and manage your risk in real time using Theoretical Average. This powerful metric tells you how far the market has moved from the break even point on your trade while factoring in any gains or losses you may have booked.


How much heat do you take on your trades?

Know how far the market went in favor of and against your trades. No more guessing about how effective your entries and exits are. Now you can see them clearly and fine tune your approach.


Detailed Reports

S5 Trader Trade Analyzer keeps track of stats we feel matter as you trade. To run more detailed studies on Trade Analyzer data, simply save to an Excel file right from the interface.

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