“The ES, When to Enter” Our Free ES Futures Trading Course

Order Flow Analysis can be considered “The icing on the cake”. By that, I mean it’s a great way to confirm trades, get a better price or reject a trade because the flow is against you. It is also a great way to see when the market is going against you once you are in a trade. In other words, you have a location at which you want to take a trade and it is the Order Flow that helps you confirm/reject a trade in that area.

For many people though, they don’t have the cake to start with. They have no way to define the location to trade. Without this, without a basic understanding of WHEN to apply the tools, they won’t be much use to you. There are many ways that you can analyze the markets to define where to enter and we are going to give you a method for free.

If you are scalping the US Treasuries, then you can use the tools on their own. If you are looking at other markets with more intra-day swings, you’ll need to use the tools within context of what is happening on the charts. You’ll need to be able to look at a chart and make some sort of decision about whether your bias should be to the upside or the downside. This goes DOUBLE for the e-mini S&P 500 futures market (the ES). There are two things you need to have a firm understanding of to make it on the ES… Liquidity and Herd Mentality.

Jigsaw Trading give you the theory and show how it can be applied to the ES. FOR FREE

It’s our customer-only course called “The ES – When To Enter”. It focuses on a single market, the e-mini S&P 500 futures market. I go through how I look at the market and how I trade it.

Of course, not everyone needs this course. Perhaps you have already made sense of the charts; perhaps you use market profile or volume profiles and just need the tools to refine your entries. Even so, I’d recommend you read the course anyway. It may be that just one piece of useful information within it helps improve your trading.

Can this course material be applied to other markets? Possibly. The concepts apply in all markets but the application, the method may vary. I trade the ES and either the US Treasuries or Corn when the ES is quiet. I can’t comment on other markets as I don’t trade them but you are more than welcome to bring your market to the forum/Skype group and we’ll take a look.

This comprehensive course contains fourteen modules:

Module 1 – Why?
Module 2 – The Game – explains the ‘game’ of Day Trading
Module 3 – Experience – the role of experience in Day Trading
Module 4 – Targets – what you should be aiming for and why
Module 5 – Liquidity – what it is, why it is important to understand, and how it temporarily disappears leading to opportunity
Module 6 – Sheep – How herd mentality moves the markets
Module 7 – News & Liquidity – understanding the moves on news releases
Module 8 – How the ES behaves
Module 9 – Identifying the Day Type
Module 10 – Trading Day Trader Days
Module 11 – Trading High Volume Trend Days
Module 12 – Trading Low Range Days
Module 13 – Incorporating the Jigsaw Tools
Module 14 – Using “Levels” – how I use key levels in my trading
Module 15 – Setting Up NinjaTrader/OEC Trader/S5 Trader

It gives you everything you need to know to get started finding a location to place a trade. After that all you need is some experience under your belt.

PLUS you can contact us if you have any questions. We won’t just leave you on your own with this.

The course included for FREE when you order our tools. To give you an idea of the impact this course is having on people’s trading, have a look at this message from Paulo Braga: Message from Paulo.

Will you need more training? One-on-one training from professional trainers? It depends where you are in your trading right now. I would certainly consider taking a legitimate trading course if I thought it would improve my trading. There are some recommendations for professional trading on the training section of our site. These are people that know how to trade, know how to teach and have demonstrated to me that they can trade live.