Buy Now – 100% Risk Free (includes RapidTraderPro)

The $399.99 is a ONE TIME PAYMENT for a full lifetime license for all of our Order Flow Analysis tools for all markets and all platforms we support. The software can be licensed to 2 PCs. See below for platform support, refund policy & Live Trading subscription details.

Note also that if you buy the Lifetime License now – you will get free Lifetime Access to our new Product “RapidTraderPro” when it is released (and you can join the trial for “RapidTraderPro” immediately, just send us an email/support request for access)

Configuration Price
Jigsaw Tools + RapidTraderPro Lifetime License $399.99
Jigsaw Tools + RapidTraderPro Lifetime License+ Monthly Live Trading Subscription (first 3 months free) ** $399.99 + $50 per month after the first three months
Jigsaw Tools RapidTraderPro  Lifetime License+ Annual Live Trading Subscription (first 3 months free) ** $399.99 + $500 per year after the first three months

After you make a purchase, you will automatically receive a license and installation instructions within minutes. Contact us if you do not receive these emails within 30 minutes. From the moment you sign up, you get access to:

  1. All of The #1 Rated Jigsaw Trading Tools (including Auction Vista) – The best Trading Software on the market according to Independent review site
  2. The Jigsaw Chat room – a free chat room for customers. It’s open 24×7 but active mostly in the US session. Real traders, coming together to share their thoughts on the markets.
  3. The ES When To Enter” – a unique 15-part course that will give you a totally new perspective on the speculative nature of the markets, how crowd psychology perpetuates moves and most importantly – how to capitalize upon this information. Click here for more information.
  4. Your own Unique Customer Page – You will have your own members page with your license keys, product downloads, manuals, cheat sheets and payment history all in one place.
  5. Free Upgrades – As new upgrades are made available, your Unique Customer Page will be automatically updated with the latest version of the product and the accompanying manual.
  6. Full Product Support – We are well known for our outstanding product support. If necessary, we’ll even log on to your PC to help you resolve any issues you have. Your Unique Customer Page has an integrated help desk feature where you can log cases, upload files and track progress of any issues you have. We are also available on email and Skype.
  7. A helping hand – Our Support doesn’t just end at making sure the product works. We want you to succeed. Those less experienced with Order Flow often need a little help in understanding what they are seeing. You are free to email us questions and we don’t mind chatting with you on Skype too. Just be prepared for us to set you some homework to do, so that you can confidently see the concepts playing out for yourself.

Our refund policy is  simple. We don’t ask for anything from you in order to get a refund. Here are the terms of our refund policy : 
Buy the software, get the course, join the community. If you want a refund within the first 14 days, send us an email and we will give a refund.
No questions, no hassle, no refusals.. Of course, we’d love to know why you don’t want to continue but it’s up to you how much you tell us.

Jigsaw Trading software is a “plug-in” for

  • MultiCharts.NET & MultiCharts.NET Special Edition (versions 9.1 and above) 
  • NinjaTrader (version 7.0.1000.4 and above), NinjaTrader 8 – FREE and paid versions of Ninja!
  • S5 Trader and all other OEC Trader supported software (Alpha Trader, Apex Trader, ATC Trader, CTG Pro, DT Pro, G-Force Trader, Global Zen Trader, High Ground Trader, Index Trade Launcher & Zaner 360). It will run on the Free/Demo versions of the platforms as well as the live versions.
  • Tradovate – Latest version (updates automatically).

Note that NinjaTrader requires a data feed and you can request a free market data trial from them.  Additionally, we support all data feeds that NinjaTrader supports with the exception of the Tradestation Feed which does not currently provide Level 2 data to NinjaTrader.

If you are not currently using either of these platforms or you don’t have a data provider, then  contact us and we’ll tell you how to get set up.

Note that the license is linked to your PCs internal ID. Note that if you change machines, you will be able to contact us to move the license free of charge.

** The Live Trading subscription is only needed if you want to place Live Trades through the Depth & Sales. If you are SIM trading or if you wish to continue placing your live trades through another order entry tool, you do not need the subscription. Live Trading Subscriptions can be purchased at any time if you do not take that option now. For more info on licensing/Ninja integrationclick here