Licensing FAQ

Q – Which Platforms do you support?

A – Jigsaw Software is a plug in for NinjaTrader and S5 Trader. S5 Trader also goes by the name OEC Trader, Global Zen Trader &  Apex Trader.

Q – What is the subscription for?

A – The subscription enables the ability to enter live trades via the Depth & Sales product. The Jigsaw Tools were originally written as analysis tools and many users still use them that way. We added a Trading Plug-in in early 2013. Some traders are still not yet trading live and these people can use the tools to enter trades on their SIM account. Other people trade through another platform but use our tools for analysis.

Q – Can I buy a subscription later if I don’t buy it when I purchase the tools?

A – Yes, you can buy or cancel the subscription at any time.

Q – If I cancel the subscription, will I still be able to use the tools?

A – Yes, the tools are purchased with a lifetime license. You can continue to use them if you cancel the subscription to live trading, you just won’t be able to place trades.

Q – Do I need the paid version of NinjaTrader to use the Jigsaw Tools?

A – No, many people use NinjaTrader to drive just the Depth & Sales and use no other part of NinjaTrader. They share their existing data feed with NinjaTrader and carry on using their existing platform for charts and trading.

Q – Do I need the paid version of NinjaTrader to trade live through Depth and Sales?

A – Yes and no. NinjaTrader comes in 3 versions:

Free – the one you download from the Ninja Website, trades cannot be entered through this platform. You can hook this up to real time data feeds such as Kinetick/IQFeed.
NTDirect – Supplied by some brokers. This allows live trading but does not contain the ability to place OCO/ATM Strategy orders.
Full Broker Supplied – Supplied by some brokers. This is a full version and the platform cost is built into your round turn fees.
Full Version – Full version with a one off fee allowing you to choose a broker that doesn’t charge you for the platform per round turn.

Most people start on NTDirect or The Full Broker version. If you do a lot of round turns, it makes sense to switch to the full version.

Q – Do I have to pay for upgrades?

A – No, upgrades are free but new products will not be free. Note that as we roll out new platforms, we might need to add a small ‘switch fee’ for switching licenses between one platform and another. This depends on the amount of admin time that goes into moving licenses.

Q – Do I need to pay Ninja Static DOM credits

A – If you are currently licensed for the Ninja Static DOM, then Jigsaw will never re-center. If you are not licensed for static DOM, Jigsaw will recenter every 15 ticks. Ninja will use static DOM credits regardless of how you place a trade. If you run out of static DOM credits, you will not be able to place a trade through Ninja. If you want to switch off the Static DOM in Ninja, then call them and they can make the change.