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I get a lot of messages from customers, this one is from Paulo Braga and it really struck a chord with me. Paulo is just starting out with his understanding of liquidity and order flow. I think Paulo describes it best: Message from Paulo

On 28/2/2013 10:42, Renato Grant wrote:

Man, I just wanted to say thank you!

Your Jigsaw tools have changed the way I trade forever and for the better!

I thought I was trading before I used Jigsaw tools but quickly realised I wasn’t actually trading, I was largely guess sing using my tick charts and hoping. Now I am far more confident with my entry, managing the trade watching & studying the DOM, icebergs going off, Summary tape and reconstructed tapes and managing risk.

It took me a while to get used to all the numbers flashing past me at high speed and it took some tweaking of where I placed the tools on my screens so I could make sense of it all and I’m pleased to say that I can now trade with a far higher degree of confidence and make sense of understanding what the summary tape and cumulative delta is actually showing me. When I use your tools in conjunction with my own methodology my trading profitability has increased tenfold.

What I had to do initially was to use your tools with the afterhours traders so I could see what was happening in a slowed down manner. This helped a lot. I could still see icebergs, Summary tape was a lot slower so I could train myself in actually understanding what it was showing me, I could still see the larger orders going off as opposed to the smaller lots going off on reconstructed tapes. Once I had a handle on all the info I watched the same info going off when the US opened ( I only trade the ES intraday) and my eyes and brain immediately adjusted to the speed because my mind understood the info flow flashing before it. Your DOM is pretty amazing actually and when all 3 tools are used in conjunction I find them very powerful.

It’s a daily learning curve and I still make ‘ego’ errors which I’m trying to discipline, easier said than done, but I’m getting there and registering far more successful trades than us-successful ones.

One last thing I need from you, your  Jigsaw coloured volume for the DOM, this will just give my eyes an immediate visual indicator of the levels that are trading at higher volumes instead of having to see just numbers. Let me know when it’s available pls mate  and once again, huge thanks to you guys at Jigsaw. The real deal!




On 13/11/2012 10:42, Dom wrote:


Yep I got a new one, hence why I was asking whethere I should replace the trial one with the new one now or not, but it doesn’t matter I can always change it when I am prompted to do so.

Datafeed and Sierra Charts which I love to look at Footprint in a very affordable manner, I have never ever bought any indicator, webinar or any other kind of material, as I find there is a lot of crap out there. You do wonder also why those who pretend to be Trading Gurus would bother selling their tools, going through the trouble of supporting it, answering questions etc etc..

With your tools, I knew after 30mn this is exactly what I need, and what is useful to my Trading style and strategy..

In addition to that, and not that I am novice to Tape/Dom/Market depth, and Order Flow, I had never came across before some clear explanations of what you are describing in your 11 lessons on your website, what’s more for free! That is ironic isn’t it? Free and much clearer than 99% of most material expensively sold!

Finally, I don’t know you but you seem to me more like someone trying to enjoy life in a nice part of the world, Trading at times, selling a good piece of software at others, than someone pretending to be the next Retail George Soros on steroids, nontheless selling expensive training! So that also to me, is a USP!

Thanks and pls let me know when beta testing becomes available as I tend to be quite detailed when it comes to Trading and the tools I use!


Dom – France

The following is a review about the Depth and Sales tool that was recently added. If you’ve tried the Jigsaw tools before, then I suspect you know the quality and functionality that are incorporated in them. Unfortunately, they cannot be used as a measure or any sort of indication of the quality of the Depth & Sales, this is in another league of it’s own.

The D&S greatly surpasses the previous tools, nothing comes close to it’s functionality and the incredible intuitiveness implemented, something only a tape-reader could appreciate! Of course, if a trader doesn’t use or doesn’t plan on using the time and sales and level II, then they won’t help, but if they are used, I can’t think of a single thing that would improve their trading as drastically and consistently as the Depth & Sales.

Besides a small chart for reference, this and a few of the other Jigsaw tools is all I use, don’t need anything else. Hands down the best tool in the market. It doesn’t tell me when to buy or sell, or give signals, it’s just a tool that let’s me interpret the information much better and earlier.

I owe it to Pete, not only did he provide me with incredible software, but the service on top of it all was great. He connects with all his customers and really cared about my own experience and progress using it. All in all, these took me to the next level, I no longer day trade to pay the bills and feed the family, I day trade for pleasure as I’ve reached financial freedom now.

Tudor S. – contact details available on request.

On 21/12/2011 20:01, John G. wrote:

First of all, I have to say that your software is awesome!
If I wasnt trading, I would sell this to every trader out there. Even if they said they didnt need it, I would show them the difference in their indicator readings with and without jigsaw’s data series.
Which brings me to a couple questions.
1) When plotting large trades on a chart, is it plotting the consolidated trades that i set the parameters for?

2) If I want to plot 3 different size “consolidated” trades on a chart (a fast tick chart), and there is an (above 200lot) buy and there is an (above 200lot) sell, will you be able to see both markers. Do the sells print under and the buys print above?

3) Is it possible for a ninja trader programmer to use your “consolidated trades” output data to run my other volume based indicators?  If so, I would be able to chart that depth of sales and be able to chart the speed and size of limit orders that are chasing price.

Thanks a lot, John G.

On 08/09/2011 09:10, Kevin K wrote:

With help from tech support i was able to log in.I loaded your dom and it took my eye a few minutes to adjust to what i was seeing and although i have a lot to learn with  the dom it already helped me execute a trade.I was ready to get long at 1186.25 after the 8:30 news release on one of my chart setups and your dom confirmed exactly what i was looking at.I can’t thank you and Joel enough for the hard work you put in to build REAL tools that help traders like myself become better and more successful traders. Thank you so much!!!!

Kevin K

On 19/10/2011 17:30, Don T wrote:

I think I already got the new version ?
Will the new version of JTDepthSales have a volume  alert I can put in for the Current Trades bid/Ask, column 6,7.  Be able to enter volume I want to see and put an alert to go off. Would love to have. Can’t blame a guy for trying.

Have been using the TapeTools version but does not seem to catch the volume like the  DepthSales. I do like how it plots it on the chart thou.
I guess I am just a die hard for the DepthSales. It just seems to be easier for me to read it and decipher.
Talk to you soon

Don T

On 21/11/2011 02:18, Danny B wrote:

Hi Pete,

I just finished reading your book.  I enjoyed it very much.  It’s nice to be able to read something about trading that tells the truth is actually informative and has its funny bits as well.
But I think if you want to sell more of your product you need to thicken up the snake oil a bit.  You know by this indicator and you could be living in the Bahamas by the end of week.  LOL

Have a great day

Danny B

On 19/12/2011 09:01, Duncan P wrote:

I love the idea of a course.  I love the tool.    Here is my review.  If you want it posted ill do that.

I would highly recommend the T&S.  My story:  Full time job and caught the ‘trading bug’.  I spent 8 months doing the standard search of the perfect indicator etc. and finally realized that I need to throw it all in the trash and start over (note I was slightly profitable with real $ but felt that was more luck than skill).  I started over by wiping my screen and watching the DOM and T&S with the goal of improving my knowledge instead of trying to trade.  I use Jigsaws tools with delta on effectively a blank chart and take trades based on what I see in both.  When I compare even regular T&S to the jigsaw tools I am not even sure if regular T&S is even useable?   Instead of seeing blurs of orders I can now see them slowly come through and at least understand if big orders or small orders are coming in.  I think it’s a great addition to delta and when used with the DOM I am starting to understand when the big guys are loading up long or short.  Peter is also very supportive and the tool is super customizable.  I finally feel like I am at least looking at the same things the pros are looking at…

Duncan P.

On 01/12/2011 05:35, Renato wrote:

Hi Pete,

Great! I can focus now just on your Depth and Sales and recon tapes. Hopefully will be easier to understand with less going on on my screens.

Just read again last night your set up manual which after reading again helped explain icebergs and pulls even better so will be screen staring again today!

Just re-reading johns e-book to see if I have better understanding of the setups he describes now I have used your methodology.

As you say Pete, it,s gonna take time to get a feel and absorb this. I,m not one to rush so will sim trade and tape read until I have a better understanding of order flow and the poker games being played out!

See you on Skype.

Cheers mate

On 17/11/2011 17:05, Jeff C wrote:

Hey Pete,

Got the large quantity set up for CL……VERY IMPRESSIVE. I used it at the close today with very good results.

I did a little write up in the True Strength Index thread…….prehaps you will get a few inquiries.

I am curious what settings you use for 6E and ES…..if you trade these markets. I figure I’ll get a head start with my learning if you can give me a few tips.

Thanks, Jeff

On 08/11/2011 01:19, Mohammad I wrote:

Hello.  Mr. Peter Davies

Last week free trial was a amazing experience and i am thankful to provide that opportunity.

I just want to buy all 3 in one products(reconstructed tape+summary tape including summary depth tape+depth & sales – new tool).  Can i just buy on website or will you send invoice?

Is summary depth tape(mean the one you use to check limit orders in combination of summary tape) part of summary tape?

Did you find a real value in joel parker courses?

Please let me know.


Mohammad I

On 2/1/2012 10:09 PM, Kyle K wrote:

Enjoyed the training series; I like your ‘vacuum’ market liquidity metaphor – I hadn’t really used the GomCD indicator before, but interpreted in the way you suggest, it does nicely telegraph the difference between real market action and fake pullbacks.