Hi All

Those of you on the Jigsaw mailing list will know that I’ve been keen to find other traders that are willing to take a little time to show their perspective on order flow.

A few weeks ago, I met a trader on the Futures.io forum. He was doing a combine with TopStep Trader and detailing his methods and results here:


As you can see, he passed with flying colors!

To cut a long story short, we got chatting and he agreed to do a video for Jigsaw to help people with the thinner markets. We have many Crude junkies using Jigsaw as well as people trading the thinner Asian markets.

Here is the video: (as usual – change to full screen & HD mode for the best results)


I have to thank “A” for this amazing video that talks about intelligently defining trade location as well as what to look for (and not look for) on thinner markets.

Take a look at the thread on Big Mikes forum too because there is a lot of useful information there as well.

Good Trading