As part of our effort to give traders as wide a knowledge of professional trading as possible, On Wednesday, 9th November at 4:30 PM Eastern, we’ll be hosted a webinar “Hedging Futures Day Trading Strategies with Options” by Carley Garner.

Day and swing traders in the futures markets might be better served taking an unconventional approach to speculation and risk management. Carley discussed the idea of going against the grain to improve the odds of success.

Topics covered:

  •     Forget stop loss orders, use options for risk management
  •     The trend isn’t always your friend
  •     Swing trading tips – Buy the dips and sell the rips
  •     The truth about day trading margin and brokerage choice
  •     And more!

At the end of the webinar you will understand a new actionable approach to speculation and risk management that you can start using in your trading. See below for the video