This Tuesday, April 11th at 4:30pm EDT, Peter Davies of Jigsaw Trading will be presenting a webinar entitled “Market Dynamics – Trade Location in All the Right Places”. The webinar is hosted at the forum. Click Here to register for the webinar.

In this free webinar, Peter Davies discusses how traders are often given a choice between Technical and Fundamental analysis. Two different methods that try to help us anticipate moves in the markets. There isn’t much discussion about the dynamics of a move in the market. How does a move occur? How does a move reverse? Who is trading the moves? How does this impact trade location?

Understanding the dynamics, the driving forces behind the market is essential if we want to benefit from moves in any market. It’s also essential in validating if our approach to the markets is realistic.

This webinar looks at some seldom considered aspects of trading
1. what exactly is it we are trying to do as traders?
2. What are we trying to take advantage of that occurs intra-day?
3. What are moves in the market and who is dominating?
4. What is the ‘smart money’ doing?
5. Where should we look to enter the market?
6. Is it the same every day?

This knowledge gives us a framework within which to use any trading method or tool. It helps us take a critical look at any trading method to see if it fits within the dynamics of the markets.

A trader with poor understanding of market dynamics will be losing a high percentage of their trades, typically losing more trades than if they’d traded just by tossing a coin.

You might not be looking for answers in market dynamics, but they are there anyway. Ignore them at your peril!

Click Here to register for the webinar.