This Friday at 4:30PM EST, Jigsaw Trading will be sponsoring a webinar on the forum. The webinar is titled “Determining  your optimum order flow environment for high performance trading” and will be presented by Alex Haywood from Axia Futures.  Click here to register for the webinar.

Alex Haywood is the co-founder of Axia Futures (a bricks and mortar proprietary trading firm) and has 12 years experience as a professional trader. In this webinar, he’ll discuss different order flow conditions and which may be the best for you to trade. When I say ‘best for you’ – I mean best for you personally. There are so many different order flow conditions and different people get along with different market conditions.

Topics covered:

– Understanding the various auctioning environments on the price ladder
– Which execution strategies to deploy given the auctioning environment
– Finding your orthodox price ladder trading approach and trusting your natural risk instinct
– Price ladder trader profile types
– The alchemical process of combining order flow strategies within the context of market profile
– How to structure your cognitive learning framework to dynamically upgrade your skills as market volatility landscapes shift into new seasons

This is another opportunity to hear a real professional trader discuss his craft. Click here to register for the webinar.

See you in the webinar.