It’s rare for retail traders to get access to a professional trader, let alone get the chance to ask them questions. On Wednesday, 24th May, we gave you the opportunity to do just that, with someone who was a professional trader at just 18 years old!

Gary Norden is owner of Organic Financial Group and a co-founder of His nearly 30 year trading career started at the age of just 18 when he was given his first trading book by a major Japanese investment house. He later managed derivative trading desks for a number of the world’s largest investment banks as well as spending many years as an option market maker in the trading pits of LIFFE.

Gary consults to and mentors both professional and selected retail traders and hedge funds. He has written two trading books and regularly writes for trading websites around the world.

During the Q&A session we asked Gary a number of questions about trading and preparing for trading, win rates, algorithmic trading, investment banks, hedge funds, market selection and much more. You can watch on YouTube or Listen to the podcast below. Gary is primarily a scalper now but he has traded as a market maker and his trading style and knowledge reflects that.

There were some fascinating insights revealed during the session. We’ll be bringing more interviews with professional traders like Gary over the coming months. At Jigsaw, our goal is to bring you different perspectives on trading, so that you can understand the most about the markets. You might not want to trade like every professional trader you talk to but it really helps to have an understanding of what different types of participants are doing.





A big thank you to Gary for taking time out of his schedule (early in the morning too), giving the opportunity for retail traders to interact with a professional trader for the very first time