When we started Jigsaw back in 2011, our presumption was that traders needed techniques and tools. This is still very much the case but it’s become clear that many traders still have a problem with getting to profit.

It’s an issue we discussed in our recent group therapy sessions and our “become a better trader” webinar.

Without realizing it, many traders have built a massive “decision matrix”. Looking at historical charts, long term profiles, Fibonacci’s, market profiles etc. to try and deduce how a day will play out. You could have the same data 2 weeks apart but have a different deduction based on the side of the bed you got out of. It’s too flexible.

When the day starts, they have a very flexible framework to decide ‘what the market is trying to do’ that allows them to get in pretty much anywhere and have an opinion any time.

And these are the SMART traders that already realized all that indicator stuff was hocus.

Recently, I’ve been informally helping a few traders untangle this mess. Traders that have really not made any progress for a year or more. It’s a process that is unique to each trader. To find an area of focus and then help them develop that area. These traders have been amazed with the improvements they have made.

A number of people have asked me to do the same thing with them. Many have offered sizable sums of money but I have been very reluctant to do so as trading, Jigsaw and Journalytix are currently taking up a lot of my time.

After discussions with my Boss (Wife) about this – she suggested I do it but keep the numbers low. That way, I’m just dealing with a manageable amount of people at a time.

So, with immediate effect, I have decided to offer a 1 on 1 mentorship service. I will take on no more than 10 people. I expect each mentorship to take around 6 months. The mentorship will consist of 6 30-45 minute 1 on 1 calls (although the first call may take longer). In the first call, we’ll decide on the focus and set a plan/goal for the next 2-4 weeks. In each successive call, we will review the progress (which should be significant) and set the next plan.

For anyone considering this, please understand that you will only make progress if you stick to the agreed plan. No plan will be forced upon you but you will be expected to follow what we agree. If you don’t think you can do that, please do not apply.

The cost of the mentorship is $3,349 for existing Jigsaw users. For new users, you will need the Jigsaw Institutional Education package and for that plus the mentorship, the price is $4,999.

We will only take on 10 people at this point in time. No exceptions, no special cases, it’s a hard limit. It may be possible to do more than 10 at a time BUT I don’t want to risk it at this point.

For the first 10 that do sign up – we are going to offer a sign up discount of $350 taking the price down to just $2999 for existing Jigsaw users and $4,650 for new customers. That discount will be available until Monday 28th May, with coupon code “MENTORME”.

As soon as the 10 are signed up, we’ll disable the sign-up forms. We should be able to kick off the next round in November 2018.

Check out the “SELECT” package here or for existing customers, go to your upgrade page to sign up.