We are happy to announce that Jigsaw is sponsoring a webinar over at Futures.io titled “The Business of Trading”. In the webinar, Professional Trader, Darren Reed of Cygnet Trading will discuss a number of often overlooked aspects of trading. It’s on 14th August at 4:30PM EST. Click here to register for the webinar.

Traders spend too much of their time on the one thing that doesn’t really matter. The market.

And very little to NO time on the things that actually make a difference. Everyone worries about stochastics and machine learning and ichimokiCloudBurstHangingBaby candlesticks. Blah, blah, blah. All nonsense.

Yet no one looks at, “Is my prop firm/broker ripping me off?”, “Am I trading a product that I can actually have success in?” or “Where are the weak spots in my game and how do I fix them”.

– Cost Minimization
– Structured Risk Management
– Lifestyle Management
– What your Business Actually Looks Like
– Business Plan to Ensure Consistency & Scale Your Business
– Environment
– Disaster Recovery Procedures

This will be a fantastic webinar, so be sure to click here to register.