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In this webinar, hosted on, we take a look at what it takes to become a consistently profitable trader. Drawing on extensive experience working with both retail and professional traders, Peter will take us on a walk through various factors that impact the path of a trader from novice to success. The webinar is at 4:30pm EST over at, Click here to sign up.

Some of this is looking at baggage that holds many traders back as well as non-trading experiences that seems to have a huge impact. We follow that with a look at the development cycle and pace, so that you can ensure measurable progress. We look at the most common things that derail traders and then finally, we circle back to the prop world at a very specific skill the firms want to see traders develop.

  • Behavioral influencers – what you bring to the table & how it can impact your development
    • Personality Types
    • Social Background
    • Early Life Non-Trading ‘hobbies’/activities
  • Gamblers – Poker vs Black Jack
  • Non-Trading Career/Education
  • Trading straight from University vs other Career/Job
  • Time Commitments – Elapsed, Effective & Wasted Time – Retail vs Professional
  • Peers/Community – The impact of the people around you
  • Consistency – From 2 perspectives – behavior & results
  • Common Killers – Sunk Costs, Gamblers Ruin, Greener Grass etc
  • The one key skill that prop firms look to develop in traders to ensure long term success

At the end, traders will have a better idea what it is they need to do to start improving once more. Click here to sign up for the webinar.


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