The leaderboard contest rates traders based on our proprietary trading algorithm. Today, we’ll take a look at our outstanding performers for June and July. Typically slow months in the market (especially July), conditions have been more “stop-start” which has provided an additional layer of challenge. Note that you can now scroll through the months/weeks performance on the leaderboard, which was previously disabled!

The Jigsaw June and July leaderboard results are in. In June 87 out of 282 traders (30%) were profitable and in July 105 out of 307 were profitable (34%).

For June, Fenix wins and knocks MrGekko off the top spot! Fenix has a win rate of around 50% and average win of $619 and average loss of $489.05. As you can see the equity curve is very smooth with no wild swings.  We can also see that the bulk of the profits were made from just 2 hours of the day.


For July, the winner is CoolRiverJoe – or as we should probably call him “Super Scalper”, 55 trades, 0 scratches and 1 winner – all on a live account,  scalping T-Notes. The PnL isn’t massive at just under $5k for the month. He started the month trading 4 contracts and ended on 10.

That’s some consistent trading! In terms of the overall rankings, here’s the top 10 for June….

And the top 10 for July – see how the numbers are generally lower for July – normal for summer time, so it’s not just you!

Well done to all participants & $500 on the way to Fenix & CoolRiverJoe

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