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No-Nonsense, Intensive, Comprehensive Training

Based On Order Flow Techniques

Lonnie G. Hardy – CPA

Founder /Trader / Chief Instructor

About Our Founder/ Chief Instructor

  • Successful career as a practicing CPA 

  • Began trading in 1991

  • Over 25 years futures trading experience.

  • A passion for teaching others to gain financial independence.

The Trading Style We Teach

  • Significant profit producing.

  • Low tolerance for risk of losses.

  • Focused on order flow, not charts.

  • Unemotional 

  • Trading with a  mental edge.

  • Biased toward small position sizes.

  • Avoidance of over-trading.

  • Trading the slippery low volume profiles.

  • Trading with the trend.

  • Riding the price “rips”.

  • Minimization of drawdown  (losses)

  • Development of a “best plays” book.

  • Minimized trading hours.

  • Patience! Patience!  Patience!

  • Maintaining Balanced, quality of life.

NinjaTrader and Jigsaw Tools

Trade Futures

Trade Futures With Finesse And Elegance

Crude Oil, Stock Index, Gold, Euro , Yen, etc.

Our Comfortable Teaching Location  – Shreveport, Louisiana

2 3/4 Hours East of DFW Airport (Interstate 20)

Shreveport, Louisiana

Trade Futures

Our Perspective On Teaching Trading

  • Trading can be a profitable, fascinating  and intellectual endeavor.

  • Keeping it simple is key.

  • We teach only the most effective techniques.

  • Our training customized for your personality.

  • Mentoring you is essential.

  • You prove your skills before you risk money.

  • Our honest critique of your performance is important.

  • You agree to not risk money until we approve.

Who Are Our Students ?

Anyone who is motivated to:

  • Earn significant profits.

  • Leave a dead-end career.

  • Qualify for funding by large proprietary fund.

  • Be their own boss.

  • Set your own hours – – full or part-time.

  • Work from home.

  • Trade to pay for college.

Our Students

Required Trading Tools We Use

  • Ninjatrader

  • Jigsaw Trading Tools


  • Three 5 hour days 

  • Unlimited follow-up  and mentoring

  • Fee  $3,500

  • Call with questions:  318-458-0927