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Futures, Options, Integrity

DeCarley Trading, an award-winning commodity broker, was created with customer service in mind. We understand that there are hundreds of futures and options trading brokerage firms out there, and there are an unlimited number of choices in terms of commission, service, and execution. DeCarley doesn’t expect your business, but we would love the opportunity to earn it. Whether you prefer to trade online via the latest and greatest trading platform, working with an experienced broker, or both, we believe we are capable of exceeding your expectations of a brokerage.

When it comes to commission, you truly do get what you pay for. DeCarley is NOT the cheapest but we are confident you will find that we ARE the best VALUE.

  • 24-hour day trading margins
  • Hold positions until the 4:00 pm Central close
  • Access to highly experienced futures and options brokers 16+ hours per day via email, instant message, phone, and text message.
  • Knowledgeable around the clock support
  • Access to Jigsaw via the Zaner360, Sierra Chart, or Multi-Charts
  • No inactivity fees, or volume requirements
  • Occasional broker assisted trades charged at a regular online rate (most discount brokers charge $30 to $50 for phone orders).
  • Trade OPTIONS side-by-side with your futures in the same account, or a sub-account
  • No additional fees for holding overnight positions
  • DeCarley Trading newsletters (The DeCarley Perspective and Financial Futures Report)
  • Third party newsletters containing fundamental and technical analysis, along with support and resistance
  • Margin call management
  • Access to ALL domestic, and most popular foreign futures and options markets.
  • 24-hour trade desk


We look forward to hearing from you!
Toll-Free: 1-866-790-TRADE (8723)
Local: 702-947-0701

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