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Order Flow Education From An Ex-Proprietary Trader
About John Grady
John Grady began his trading career as a proprietary trader for a large trading firm in Chicago. After seeing the business from the inside and conversing with individuals who had been floor traders for years, his perspective on the markets changed dramatically. He learned about order flow and began to understand the impact large orders have on price movement.

He has always been a screen based trader who implements strategies based on watching multiple depth and sales platforms (a.k.a. the DOM or ladder). He specializes in treasury note and treasury bond futures as well as E-Mini S&P 500 futures.

Online Educational Courses
John has developed several courses which explain the fundamentals of order flow trading and he shares strategies used by prop firms.
Order Flow Basics
Order Flow Scalping – The Impact of Size
Live Webinars
John also conducts online webinars where he trades a live account and demonstrates how one can apply order flow strategies in real time. Participants can see his trades and interact with him through instant messaging throughout the day.

Trade Review Sessions

One-to-one mentoring and reviews of recorded trades. Session time can be used to discuss specific trades or cover general questions about trading and methodology.

Choosing the Right Markets to Trade
For more information, please visit www.nobsdaytrading.com