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Jigsaw Automated Trade Statistics & Leaderboard (included with lifetime license)

Helping you turn Knowledge to Profit.

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In the heat of the moment, it’s not always clear which trades are working out best. Being able to analyze where your performance excelled and where it was lacking is key in progressively improving.

Analyze your trading performance with the web based performance dashboard. Perform “what if” analysis on your trade history to see how changes would have impacted the results. Share your real time trading history with other traders, your manager or those whose funds you are managing.

Opt in to the free leaderboard and see how you compare with other traders using the tools. Traders are ranked using our proprietary consistency rating algorithm, which is based on “go-live” requirements from a futures prop firm. Designed to help traders with discipline issues, the leaderboard gives insight into how you are improving over time from a longevity perspective. Starting in October, we’ll also be giving monthly prizes to the top traders on the leaderboard.

Discipline & Consistency Tools

Trade Statistics Analysis

Trade Statistics Analysis

If you choose, your order & position data will be automatically sent to the statistics servers within second of making a trade and are available for immediate analysis.

  • Compare different time periods
  • See which times of day are most/least profitable
  • See which days of week are most/least profitable
  • See which instruments/account are most/least profitable


And more importantly – use the tools to find combinations of the above factors to really understand where the profits/losses come from.

Trade History Calendars

Our unique Trade History Calendars give you monthly/weekly overview of your trading performance. Quickly scroll through years of trading data and then drill down to see the trades or to the lower level calendar (from month to week to day).

Monthly view shows Trade Count, PnL, Win Rate for the month. That is broken down into days, showing Trade Count, Win Rate, PnL, Max Drawdown and Max Gain for each day. From the month view, double click to see the week or click “More” to see the trades for that month.

Weekly view shows total Trade Count, PnL, Win Rate for the week. That’s brokern down into days with a summary of the trade for each 30 minute period within that day. We can also see the total for each 30 minute period for the week (for example the total of all trading 1:30p->2pm Monday to Friday).

Note – all data is in YOUR local time.

Monthly/Weekly Calendars

Trade Statistics Analysis


Users can also opt-in to the leaderboard, a monthly/weekly/daily display of how you and other traders using the system are performing. You can use an alias on the leaderboard to remain anonymous.

The daily leaderboard rates traders by P&L but the weekly/monthly leaderboard rates trades by our proprietary consistency rating. The same type of rating used in prop trading firms to decide if interns can go live. Apart from the monthly cash prizes, this is proving beneficial by having traders see the impact consistency has on profit. One of our customers put it best:

I just wanted to thank you again for doing the leaderboard. It provides an incredible opportunity to both improve and test emotions 🙂

I just discovered the wonders of the calendar page. This is so great in succinctly summarizing trades over time. I especially like the weekly views which shows the trades, contract sizes and drawdowns in the daily breakdown. Definitely a quick way to identify patterns in trading. Whoever designed this with the way that the views are done should get an award!

Prior to the leaderboard would blow myself up when I got to 20k. While I have still done some incredibly bad things, I am gradually reducing the bad habits (of course except this past Friday, Monday and Tuesday) hmmm… maybe not getting rid of them so quickly. But did great today ! At least in spite of all my mistakes I have kept my account liquid though sometimes with ill gotten gains…


And more…

In addition to this, we have many other commonly used trading statistics in the analytics, the ability to share trade history with other traders, and various trade/fill analysis views, making this the most complete trade analytics platform on the market.