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Demystify the World of Trading and Make It Accessible To All

JB Peyre

About JB Peyre

Passionate about the world of finance since my childhood, it was inconceivable for me to do anything other than trading to make a living. So I took my first steps in the world of trading 10 years ago without diplomas in hand.
My first fews years were a total failure. In all, I lost more than $ 30,000 in amateur formations and exploding my trading accounts. It was after a meeting with a professional trader that I understood an essential thing: To have professional results, you have to act like a professional trader! I managed to find a place with professional traders. They taught me how to analyze the market, use pro trading software, as well as order book strategies. Combining more than 7 years of experience in order book trading, I created Emporos Capital, a private trading firm and a professional training center in Montreal, Canada.

Emporos Capital Trading Program

Emporos Capital is a private trading firm and a professional training center in Montreal, Canada. Our mission: Train the next generation of traders, demystify the world of finance and make it accessible to all.

Discover a professional training, done by a team of professionals traders. Nothing magic, no automatic trading system or miracle method to apply stupidly. I offer you a complete training, which will give you all the tools to have the best chances of becoming a profitable and independent trader. I show you in all transparency the techniques and my way of trading on the order books, Without selling the dream …

Professional and comprehensive training in Scalping

• More than 45 videos in HD training

• Mastering professional trading strategies

• Support during and after the training

• Step by step become a Pro Trader and profitable!

• Continuous and free training update for students


Services Included in the Training

• Answering your questions by email in 24h

• FREE update of the training

• Webinair for members

• Slack software to exchange with students of your level

• US Market Information and Live Feedback via Slack

• Q & A session with a Trader Pro

The Trading Program