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A few common questions about Jigsaw Trading

Click here for the daytradr product manual.

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Licensing & Subscription

What is the difference between the Live and non-Live versions?

Both tools basically look at the same live data but the difference is that Depth & Sales Live will allow you to place live trades on a real account. On the other hand, Depth & Sales will only allow you to place SIM trades.

What is the subscription for?

The subscription enables the ability to enter live trades via the Depth & Sales product. The Jigsaw Tools were originally written as analysis tools and many users still use them that way. We added a Trading Plug-in in early 2013. Some traders are still not yet trading live and these people can use the tools to enter trades on their SIM account. Other people trade through another platform but use our tools for analysis.

Do I have to pay for upgrades?

No, upgrades are free but new products will not be free. Note that as we roll out new platforms, we might need to add a small ‘switch fee’ for switching licenses between one platform and another. This depends on the amount of admin time that goes into moving licenses.

Can I buy a Live Trading Subscription later if I don’t buy it when I purchase the tools?

Yes, you can buy the subscription at any time and also take advantage of the free 3 months when purchasing later too.

I’ve just purchased a live license and have the key. How do I install it?

Just run the Depth & Sales Live indicator & it will ask for a key.

I’ve installed Jigsaw on my desktop but will need to travel for a few months. Do I need to purchase another license for my laptop?

No need. You can just request a machine license transfer and we’ll process your request right away.

Do you still give free trials of your Depth & Sales tool?

We no longer do free trials but we do a 14 day money back guarantee. If in any case you’d like to cancel, feel free to ask for a full refund as we understand the tools are not for everyone.

Can I temporarily cancel/suspend my monthly subscription to the Live Trading subscription?

Yes. You can cancel it and then can subscribe back when you decide to continue again.

Can I transfer my Jigsaw license to a new computer due to hardware issues?

Yes you can. Contact us at https://www.jigsawtrading.com/contact-support/ and we’ll recycle your license right away.

Do I need to pay NinjaTrader Static DOM credits?

If you are currently licensed for the NinjaTrader Static DOM, then Jigsaw will never re-center. If you are not licensed for static DOM, Jigsaw will recenter every 15 ticks. NinjaTrader will use static DOM credits regardless of how you place a trade. If you run out of static DOM credits, you will not be able to place a trade through NinjaTrader. If you want to switch off the Static DOM in NinjaTrader, then call them and they can make the change.

Platforms & Compatibility

What platforms do you support? Do you support the Sierra Charts and/or the Infinity data feed?

Jigsaw is a plug in for NinjaTrader 7, NinjaTrader 8, MultiCharts.NET, MultiCharts.NET Special Edition, MT5 and Tradovate. We support all feeds that these platforms support.

We also have a stand alone platform that connects directly to CQG, GAIN, Rithmic and IQFeed data feeds.

Many traders are using Sierra with Infinity feed, as none of our platforms support the Infinity feed and we have no plug in for Sierra charts, we cannot currently support these people but advise that the Free NinjaTrader with the low-priced Kinetick Data feed can be used.

For those using OEC Trader (also known as S5 Trader, FP Trader, Alpha Trader, Apex Trader, ATC Trader, CTG Pro, DT Pro, G-Force Trader, Global Zen Trader, High Ground Trader, Index Trade Launcher & Zaner 360), you can use both Jigsaw and Sierra from the OEC Trader feed at the same time. So you can use the data in both platforms and you will also see all trades/positions in both platforms.

Do I need the paid version of NinjaTrader to use the Jigsaw Tools?

No, many people use NinjaTrader to drive just the Depth & Sales and use no other part of NinjaTrader. They share their existing data feed with NinjaTrader and carry on using their existing platform for charts and trading.

Note that for live trading, the paid version of NinjaTrader does offer some benefits such as server side OCO’s.

Can I use Jigsaw with ToS or TD Ameritrade?

We don’t support the ToS platform. We do support the TD Ameritrade feed that TOS uses. That is supported by the NinjaTrader platform & Jigsaw can sit on top of that.

Is there a source you recommend for data to do SIM trading with before going live?

Both the NinjaTrader and S5Trader/OEC Trader platforms come with built in SIM capabilities.

With NinjaTrader, there is no built in feed for SIM, so you would need to open a brokerage account to get a free feed or subscribe to a paid feed like Kinetick.

Can I use Jigsaw to Trade Forex?

As you will know there is no market depth or time & sales for Forex, that means there is no “order flow” for forex. What many traders do is watch the order flow on forex futures but trade the equivalent cash forex markets.

Arbitrage keeps the Forex & Futures in line. Many people say “but the cash market is so big in forex, surely the futures market is always lagging” – and of course if that was the case, we’d all be able to watch Forex and make money on the lagging Futures. But just like the S&P500 futures and the underlying index – there may be a clear leader for certain periods of time, but there is never a clear leader all the time because of the role arbitrage plays. What we can see is that Order Flow comes into these related markets at the same time (in human timeframes) and if you worry too much about which is the tail and which is the dog, you’ll never get into a trade on any market. “

Can the tools also be used on stock trading or is it strictly for futures?

Yes,it can be used for stocks. The recon tape and summary tape work well for stocks. For Depth & Sales, It works best on stocks in $0-$80 range and with at least 400k up volume per day. Basically stocks where we don’t have huge spreads and many gaps between prices.

The message is different for each brokerage but will usually mention the difference between the stop and limit price.

What is the most effective instrument to follow?

The instrument of  choice really comes down to what you prefer and to some extent to your boredom threshold.


I am new to Jigsaw – Where should I start?

With our video “New to Jigsaw Tools” which describes the first steps you should take with the products and some drills/exercises that accelerate the pace at which you learn to read the order flow.

Click here for the video.

I just installed the Jigsaw tools on my pc. Why can’t I seem to find the tools on any folder or in my desktop?

The software is a plugin for NinjaTrader and S5 Trader/OEC Trader. There is no new start menu application created during installation. When you right click on the chart and select “indicators” – you should see indicators beginning with “JT”.

The install process integrates our plug into those applications. The uninstaller “unplugs” them.

Which markets can the Jigsaw Tools be used on?

The Jigsaw tools themselves can be used on any financial market. The limitations are:

1 – Does your market support Time & Sales (Level 1) and Market Depth (Level 2) data. That’s the data the Jigsaw Tools use

Generally speaking Forex doesn’t have L1/L2 information (but there are some exceptions). Stocks do and Futures do. Options do but volume is so low that order flow doesn’t make a lot of sense. So Futures and Stocks.

2 – Does your platform or data provider support that market?

There are 2 versions of Jigsaw – The Jigsaw Plug-in and RapidTraderPro. Jigsaw Plug-in works with with the platforms on this page: http://help.jigsawtrading.com/ and we support all markets that these platforms support. RapidTrader connects directly to your data feed. The supported data feeds are here: http://rapidtrader.jigsawtrading.com/ at the moment, we just support futures markets with this platform. We support US, European, Japanese and Australian

I’ve downloaded the installer for Multicharts but I’m getting a PLN file. What do I do next?

Open up the Multicharts Powerlanguage .NET Editor, then go to “File”, then “Import”. Select the downloaded file and that will perform a manual import.

Where can I download the ‘Cumulative Delta’ indicator?

The Cumulative Delta we use is the “GomiCD” indicator which is available on the Futures.io forum “Futures.io”.

What is the most effective instrument to follow?

The instrument of  choice really comes down to what you prefer and to some extent to your boredom threshold.

I cannot load the volume profile in Depth&Sales. What should I do?

This issue seems to be related to timeouts waiting for the volume profile info to be loaded.

You can try this:

1) Open a new workspace
2) On that workspace, put a 1 tick chart, loading 3 days data, for the instrument(s) you look at
3) Leave that workspace on in the background & switch back to your regular workspace

The volume profile should now load because you’ve caused Ninja to hold those ticks in memory.

My level 1 and level 2 data are lagging – What’s going on?

This is a data issue. The level 1 & level 2 are separate feeds that are not synchronized. You do not see this on most tools because the trades and the depth are in different places.

It is usually (but not always) caused by a lagging level 2 feed which contains much more information than level 1.

How do I reset the volume profile at the market open?

The volume profile can be automatically and manually set depending on what platform you are using.

Click here to learn how.

How do you enter and manage trades from the tools?

There’s a section in the manual on trading from the tools and there’s also  2 cheat sheets available.

What are the best settings for alerts on my market?

Click here for our recommended settings.

How can I use ATM with Jigsaw Depth & Sales?

ATM is currently only implemented in Depth & Sales for NinjaTrader, it is not available for S5 Trader/OEC Trader. It will also require a full NinjaTrader license. It is not available for the NT Direct version of NinjaTrader.

ATM strategies must first be set up in the NinjaTrader DOM (See http://www.ninjatrader.com/support/helpGuides/nt7/index.html?tutorial_atm_strategy_example_.htm).

Once setup these strategies can be selected from the Depth & Sales Trade Window.

I can’t see my ATM strategies in the Depth & Sales Live window. When I try to click the box next to “ATM Strategy”, nothing happens.
2 reasons this can happen:

1 – Odd characters in the ATM Strategy name such as “<” or “>” or “%”
2 – A very large Ninja database – so try Tools-> Options -> Data -> Reset DB

Why do ATM stop loss orders sometimes get rejected by the brokerage?

NinjaTrader gives us an interface – the “AT Interface” by which products like ours can place orders. The only parameter we can send with an order for ATM strategies is the strategy name itself.

There are a couple of other parameters that can be set when manually placing orders with ATM strategies attached.
1 – Stop loss type
2 – Stop limit offset (the difference in ticks between the stop order and the limit order)

With the AT Interface, these are fixed to “Stop Limit” and the offset is fixed. It is that default fixed value that the brokerages complain about on some instruments (e.g. US Treasuries).

The message is different for each brokerage but will usually mention the difference between the stop and limit price.

How can I set up the “Cumulative Sheep Index” chart in NinjaTrader?

Details are available in the lessons – go to members.jigsawtrading.com and then to the “The ES – When To Enter”. Go check lesson 15.

I cannot enter orders. What do I do?

You can check your settings and make sure that the AT Interface is ENABLED in the NinjaTrader control center and if the Order Column is ON in Depth & Sales.

For Live trading you should also check if the Global Simulation Mode is OFF in the NinjaTrader control center.

My depth and snapshot columns have no values/don’t show any numbers. How can I fix this?

This is usually because Kinetick or IQFeed data is being used but the customer is not subscribed to Market Depth. Give them a call and ask them to add Market Depth to your account.

How do I change my displayed name in the Jigsaw Live Chat Room?

Just click the circle at the bottom left of the chat, then preferences, then personal profile and enter an Alias.

Why can’t I find anywhere to log in to “Live Trading”?

It’s not a log in – the live trading license allows you to run “Depth & Sales Live” which in turn allows you to select a live account.
If you want to get a license for that, click “Add/Renew Subscription” on your “members.jigsawtrading.com” page.

I am trying to log on the chatroom. What is my username and password?

Username and password is the same as the one you use to log on to members.jigsawtrading.com.


If I cancel the subscription, will I still be able to use the tools?

Yes. You can continue to use them if you cancel the subscription to live trading, you just won’t be able to place trades on your live account. You will still be able to place SIM trades.

I’ve installed Jigsaw on my desktop but will need to travel for a few months. Do I need to purchase another license for my laptop?

No need. You can just request a machine license transfer and we’ll process your request right away.

How do I cancel my monthly live trading subscription?

All subscriptions should be cancelled through Paypal. Go to your recurring payments in Paypal and cancel the subscription.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please skype us on “JigsawTrading” or use the contact form to send us a mesage