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Free Order Flow Analysis Lessons

Order Flow Foundation Course

We are proud to bring you the Jigsaw Trading Order Flow Foundation Course.  This is the most comprehensive course in Order Flow available anywhere on the internet.  Not only is this the most comprehensive course on the internet, professional traders are telling us it surpasses the depth of education they received in order flow courses their employers paid for. A number of prop shop interns have called us and told us their prop shop is pointing them towards our videos too. Not only that but other trading educators/trading room hosts are pointing their customers here to get specific information on Order Flow.

There are many hours of educational material here. Don’t attempt to do it all in one sitting. Don’t think that every piece of information in here is essential for your trading. We cover a broad range of topics here and that doesn’t mean you need to hang on to every word.

Please browse the category descriptions before you start. That way, you’ll get the most from your experience.

Module 1 – Order Flow Theory

In this section, we take a look at the theory of order flow. We examine why order flow is beneficial (the consumption of liquidity) and we take a look at the different order flow tools on the market (cumulative delta, footprints etc) and the pros and cons of each. We look at various benefits of order flow and how you can gradually add Order Flow to your trading while avoiding any negative impact.

Recommendation: Watch the first 40 minutes of video 1 before you look at any other part of the course. After that, take your time and watch the rest over the next few weeks. 20 minutes every other day would be fine. There’s no benefit in cramming it all at once.

Click Here for Module 1

Module 2 – ‘Hands On’ – Order Flow Exercises/Drills

Proprietary trading firms have been teaching new traders for decades. As such, they know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to getting traders to really understand the concepts. In this module we have a series of drills to perform. The first is from Jigsaw and the other two come from the Prop Trading world. These exercises will take you from theory to practical understanding.

Recommendation: Master one drill before you move to the next. Do not do these drills until you have watched the first 40 minutes of video 1 in Module 1.

Click Here for Module 2

Module 3 – Order Flow Application – In Detail

In this third module, we build on the theory and skills in modules 1 and 2. In each video, we cover a specific aspect of trade management. Trade entry, scalping, trade management, trading choppy markets etc.  This goes into specific details of things you can do to either replace or enhance your current trading method.

Recommendation: Master the drills before you tackle Module 3. The lessons are in our recommended order but feel free to watch in any order you like. After each video in Module 3, make an action plan for implementing the lessons learnt and monitoring the results. Do not cram the lessons, one a week is sufficient. It is a mistake to attempt too many adjustments to your trading in one go.

Click Here for Module 3

Module 4 – Trade Location

Our free customer only course “The ES – When To Enter” contains a lot of information about where to enter the market. We do have a few videos that explain this. This is a fairly short module and there is a lot of “Trade Location” information in Module 3. In this module, we are looking mostly at information NOT related to Order Flow.

Recommendation: Take these lessons at any time, we don’t cover order flow much in these, so consider it separate.

Click Here for Module 4

Auction Vista

Most of the educational material was written before we released Auction Vista. If you understand order flow, then you will understand Auction Vista. We do have some specific resources for Auction Vista

Our 20/20 Market Vision webinar, first takes a look at the world of HFT. Mostly because HFTs are being used to scare retail traders right now and the whole topic needs a sanity check. Then we take a look at Auction Vista and how to use it.

Other resources for Auction Vista are available if you Click Here.

Food for thought – So How Long Does It Take To Learn How To Trade?

Every new trader wants to know this and there’s 2 ‘most common’ answers to this question. On internet trading forums, they’ll tell you 10,000 hours. Which is 5 years work full time. If that was right,  prop shop employees would be there for 5 years before making any money for the firm and themselves. These people would not be in business if the 10,000 hours rule was true. On the other hand, many trading educators will tell you “it’ll take as long as it takes” or “it depends how much effort you put in”. Both are correct to an extent but both completely manage to avoid giving you any sort of real answer.

There’s 2 aspects to how long it takes to learn. First –  how focused you are (i.e. not jumping from technique to technique). Second – whether you are following a path that breaks things down for you so you can bite off a chunk at a time.  Many people say to us “your 14 day money back guarantee is too short because I’ll never learn it all in that time”. I agree – but the point is not for you to learn it all, it’s enough time for you to make significant progress. That progress is enough for you to see what we see and get a good understanding of why this works. It is not long enough to turn you into a superstar trader.

This video discusses the learning curve and is very relevant to people new to both trading AND order flow.


So you will absolutely gain some excellent skills with 20 hours or practice. In fact, you will see improvements at 6 hours IF you follow our “New To Jigsaw Tools” video below. Traders that have followed this approach have been trading live profitably in 12-14 weeks. Some take longer. Some keep looking for magic bullets and never get there.

 Tape Reading/Order Book Analysis with Jigsaw

This is our original course from 2011 where you get the theory, the “why” and not the “what”.

These ten lessons are an introduction to both Tape Reading and the Jigsaw Tools. Tape Reading/Order Book Analysis is not a “quick fix”, rather it is a method of reading a market that takes time to learn. Unlike a mechanical setup, Tape Reading isn’t something that will one day stop working. As a method of reading a market, Tape Reading will allow you to adapt to changes in the market as they occur over time.

The bottom line is this: A change in order flow comes BEFORE a change in price.

If you have any questions – feel free to contact us on

I get a lot of messages from customers, this one is from Paulo Braga and it really struck a chord with me. Paulo is just starting out with his understanding of liquidity and order flow. I think Paulo describes it best: Message from Paulo

Excerpt From “The ES – When To Enter”

This is a mixed lesson in trade location and order flow. I am making this available for free as it deals with slow churny days on the ES that lots of people seem to be struggling with:

High Liquidity “2 Sided” Days/Summertime Chop Days